What this Site Provides
GroupBreakChecklists.com services the sports card collecting community and hobbyists that love to join the Group Case & Box Breaks through live social media streaming services such as VaughnTV and Ustream.  This site is your place for FREE Group Case Break HITS Checklists, the Group Break Host Index with Contacts, the Live Video Feeds of every Group Break Host contains on the Host Index, Group Break Draft Trackers for all four major sports, and more.  A HITS checklist is usually referred to a list of every autograph, jersey/patch card, special cards, etc that count as hits in a group case break.  Sport Card Manufacturers such as ToppsPanini America and Upper Deck produce checklists for most of the products, but do not organize them in any way that is good for people in the group case breaking community.  This site will provide the formatted checklists to you organized,formatted and presented to you to give you an edge in participating in Sports Cards Group Case & Box Breaks.  Please note that the checklists on the site are not official checklists produced by the manufacturers and they are not endorsed by those companies. In addition, Group Break hosts have their own rules in their breaks. Checklists on the site should only be used as guides. Please check with your Host for official rules for your Group Break.

The formatted checklists & other created summaries are sorted by sport and can be accessed by clicking the tabs across the top of this website.  Not every product deserves a Group Break HITS Checklist.  Some products may not have the demand that attracts people to buy into a break for a specific team or player.  And Sometimes products just do not have a reliable manufacturer issued checklist to supply the data that is needed to go into a Group Break HITS Checklist.

GroupBreakChecklists provides other resources associated with Sports Cards and/or Group Breaks.  If you have any ideas for what type of information to include on this site, please use the contact me page and let me know.

Checklist Services Provided
Basic checklists that are found on this site are sorted by team and then player.  GroupBreakChecklists can produce other product analysis as requested as long as we can find the proper data to do the analysis.  To request a checklist that is not available already on this site, please visit the Contact Me tab and fill out the form. In the form, please provide two main details.

  • Set Specifics that will be included in the Checklist:  Year, Manufacturer, Brand, etc.
  • How you want your checklist formatted:  By Player, By Set or subset, by card number, by team, etc.

Also, please provide why you need this group break checklist and if you do your own group breaks.  Please provide your VaughnTV or ustream username where you do your live group breaking.  If you are participant in group breaks please provide which group breaker you usually use to participate.  This service is Free as long as you are hosting a group break and we have the resources needed to create whatever checklist or information page you are thinking about.

What is a Group Case Break?
A Group Case or Box Break is generally viewed as when a group of people come together to purchase some portion of  a case or a set of boxes. Once purchased, the contents of the product is split up between the purchasers of the product in a structured agreed upon way.  Group Breaks need a venue or place to host the group break.  If the break is not done live in person, usually it is done LIVE on camera on a live streaming site. The live on camera group breaks dominate this small community of sports cards enthusiasts.  Each Live on Camera Group Break Host has their own set of rules for situations that may arise during a break.  Always check with the host to ensure you are understand their rules.

Why Join Live Group Case Breaks?
The main benefit of joining a group case break is community.  It is chance to talk among your fellow sports card collectors while also obtaining some new cards.  As a hobby, there is nothing better to talk with people who enjoy the same things you do.  There are other benefits as well.  For one, when you join a group case break, you have the chance of obtaining the best hits that come out of the whole case.  Many times when we buy boxes or packs, we just don’t know what has already been pulled from the case.  Sometimes manufacturers, like to spread out the big hits to a couple per case. and sometimes only one big hit per case.  By joining a group case break, you have the opportunity to hit that big card in every case.  Secondly, the cost of joining a case group break is only a fraction of buying a whole case of the product. Many participants like to just try to get their teams that they collect by purchasing them after the team draw.  Some hosts will even allow you purchase your teams in advance of the case break which is another less popular way of setting up a group break.

Want to Host a Group Case Break?  To start you need the minimum below:
1. Webcam with a Live Streaming Service Account – An account with a live streaming service such as VaughnTV or Ustream.
2. Sealed Case/Boxes of a Popular Sports Card Product.  Always do sealed cases from solid sources.  They can be purchased from Ebay, at a brick and morters card shop, internet retailers such as Dave and Adams (DACW)Atlanta Sports CardsPittsburgh Sports or maybe you a manufacturer direct distributor to buy from.
3. Determine a Group Break Format.  The types include random team, team draft, player draft, player random, Team Buy, etc.  You are the host, you can set how the case break will happen.
4. People – Yes, you need people to actually join your break.  How you get people to come watch you live is up to you.  Getting people to watch you and join your breaks is the key to hosting group breaks.
5. Payment Processor – You will need a way to accept payments such as Paypal, Miduu or Ecrater.
6. Supplies including mailing and packaging supplies – In order for you to host a group break, you will need the proper supplies to protect the cards you open especially if you need to mail the cards out.  At the minimum, you need a variety of top loaders, team bags, soft sleeves, hard one touch magnetics, etc for the more valuable cards.  Mailing supplies you will need are mailing labels, bubble mailers, a scale and a printer to print the labels. You can order much of the mailing supplies on Ebay.  as well as the card protection supplies.
7. Organization and Patience – Good Group Case Breakers show a great deal of patience dealing with the people that join their breaks, not to mention that savvy and demeanor to get people to watch you live on camera.  In addition, you need to be able to have good record keeping of which cards go to whom and to where.
8. Honesty and Integrity – Depending on how you view life, this should always be said or this should go without saying.

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