Key Playoff Contenders RC Ticket Autographs by Year

Since 1998, collectors have distinguished the Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto as one of the most notable rookie cards to own every year. Often released around the start of the NFL Playoffs, it gives collectors a chance to own a true rookie autograph of almost all of the collectible rookies that made a difference during the regular season. Below is a list of some of the more lasting Contenders Rookie Ticket autographs separated by year.
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Peyton Manning

Randy Moss

Hines Ward

Fred Taylor

Ahman Green

1998 Boxes

All 1998 Autographs

Donovan McNabb

Kurt Warner

Torry Holt

Edgerrin James

Champ Bailey

1999 Boxes

All 1999 Autographs

Tom Brady

Brian Urlacher

Jamal Lewis

Shaun Alexander

Marc Bulger

2000 Boxes

All 2000 Autographs

Drew Brees

Michael Vick

Steve Smith

LaDainlian Tomlinson

Reggie Wayne

2001 Boxes

All 2001 Autographs

Ed Reed

Clinton Portis

Dwight Freeney

Julius Peppers

Jeremy Shockey

2002 Boxes

All 2002 Autographs

Andre Johnson

Tony Romo

Troy Polamalu

Anquan Boldin

Jason Witten

2003 Boxes

All 2003 Autographs

Ben Roethlisberger

Eli Manning

Philip Rivers

Larry Fitzgerald

Wes Welker

2004 Boxes

All 2004 Autographs

Aaron Rodgers

Alex Smith

Frank Gore

DeMarcus Ware

Heath Miller

2005 Boxes

All 2005 Autographs

Jay Cutler

Brandon Marshall

Reggie Bush

Marques Colston

Vernon Davis

2006 Boxes

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Adrian Peterson

Calvin Johnson

Marshawn Lynch

Patrick Willis

Darrelle Revis

2007 Boxes

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Matt Ryan

Joe Flacco

Jamaal Charles

DeSean Jackson

Matt Forte

2008 Boxes

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Matt Stafford

LeSean McCoy

Clay Matthews

Michael Crabtree

Julian Edelman

2009 Boxes

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Antonio Brown

Sam Bradford

Dez Bryant

Rob Grownkowski

Demaryius Thomas

2010 Boxes

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Cam Newton

Colin Kaepernick

A.J. Green

DeMarco Murray

J.J. Watt

2011 Boxes

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Andrew Luck

Robert Griffin III

Russell Wilson

Luke Kuechly

Ryan Tannehill

2012 Boxes

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E.J. Manuel

Eddie Lacy

Le'veon Bell

Keenan Allen

Deandre Hopkins

2013 Boxes

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Odell Beckham Jr

Teddy Bridgewater

Derek Carr

Sammy Watkins

Blake Bortles

2014 Boxes

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Tyler Lockett

Marcus Mariota

Thomas Rawls

David Johnson

Jameis Winston

2015 Boxes

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